Thursday, April 11, 2013

Business Plan and Business Day

A while ago, we had a business plan project. We had to pick something that we were going to sell. We got a list of people who would like to buy our product, and we wrote an essay about it. 43 days from today, we are going to officially sell our product to everyone on the list, and other new customers. I can't say much because it hasn't happened yet, of course. I will be sure to make a new post when it actually happens.

Field Trip to the California Science Center

Back in March, we had a field trip to the California Science Center (ScienCenter) with Mr. Ortega and Mrs. Crabtree. We looked around the center, and we saw an 3D IMAX movie. There were lots of space shuttles, such as Endeavour. We were there for the full day, and had lots of fun.

The Official Website

Volcano Project almost due!

We are having a lot of stuff going on right about now with the CST! Right now, we our having a volcano project. A while ago, we got up into groups of four, and exchanged phone numbers, addresses, etc. In February (I think) we discussed what volcano we were going to do. About a couple days ago, we went to the computer lab to research our volcano. On May 4th, 23 days from now, our group volcano and other parts of our project is due. Students should get serious about the volcano project now!

Now would be a great time to post on our Science Imageboard!

CST Coming Soon!

The CST is in 12 DAYS as of today! As a class, we are doing various test prep. We have classwork CST practice books, which are almost the same thing as the real CST. For weekday homework, we have math test prep books, and for weekend homework, we have Language Arts test prep books. We are studying hard for the CST, and Mrs. Lawson even wrote on the board how many days we have! It's that important!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr. Seuss Week!

All week we had Dr. Seuss week, where we did something for each day. Here was our calendar:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Oh, the Places You'll Go! Our Favorite Book Day Fox in Socks Green Eggs and Ham The Cat in the Hat
Wear a shirt from somewhere you've been Wear red and white Wear crazy socks Wear green Wear a crazy hat (Dr. Seuss style)



Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Classroom Dojo

Mrs. Lawson has found a new website called Classroom Dojo! In here she can give or take away points, based on our behavior. When we login, we can check our points, see what we did wrong, see what we did right, even make our own avatar! Mrs. Lawson can even do attendance! When we get out secret codes, we can login and do all this and more!

Classroom Dojo

Friday, January 18, 2013

6th Grade Hosts Foreign Exchange Students From China

     Monte Vista Elementary's 6th Grade was chosen to host foreign exchange students from China! On Thursday, January 17, 2013 we welcomed the thirteen students with an assembly in the cafeteria. Mrs. Gonzalez-Gomez introduced the program to our 6th grade classes. At the assembly, the foreign exchange students were assigned to Mrs. Crabtree's class, Mr. Ortega's class, and Mrs. Lawson's class. Our classroom ambassador, Mia Mora, along with our student support specialists: Felipe Duran, Destiny Curry, and Oneida Hernandez introduced themselves to our new Chinese classmates. After the assembly, students were brought back to class where they were introduced to the American classroom.

     During recess time, our classroom mentors gave them a tour of our school campus. They showed them our playground, the restrooms, the cafeteria, computer lab, library, and office. Afterwards, students were introduced to typical games at recess: tetherball, four square, basketball, and handball. Once recess was done, our new foreign classmates were introduced to American Physical Education aka. P.E. According to our guest Chinese teacher, many of these Chinese students rarely participate in P.E.

     When we returned back to our classroom, all students were engaged in classroom instruction. After working with the students, they voiced their eagerness in learning to speak better English, learn more about the American culture, how to make American friends, and learn more about what a "typical" American students does after school.

    Keep checking back . . . .we will keep you posted on the things we do!